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Voted Best Roofer in Arizona

Voted One of the Best Roofing Contractors in Arizona

It is an honor to be a trusted roofing contractor in our community! Thank you Arizona residents. If you see our truck driving around, or see us working, make sure to say hello.

BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Finalist for BBB Torch Award for Ethics

The Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics is one of the most prestigious honors in America. Arizona Pristine Roofing has been recognized display an outstanding level of ethics and integrity in the roofing industry. BBB recognizes us as a trustworthy and ethical roofing company among our employees, customers, and community.

* This award is open to all for-profit businesses who are in good standing with BBB. Accreditation with BBB is not required.
Voted Top Entrepreneur in Arizona

Voted Top Woman Entrepreneur in Arizona

“I am a relatively new business owner,” Jazlyn Muzio says. However, her roofing company Arizona Pristine Roofing is running like a fine oiled machine. Read entire article “How to Become a Successful Woman Entrepreneur“.

How Do I Know if My Roof Needs Replacement?

Most homeowners know that a new roof is needed when they notice spots or leaks on their ceiling, but there are some other telltale signs your roof needs replacing.

Bad RoofRoof Replacement

We Were On Fox 10 Phoenix Community Cares

Fixing roofs is what we do and we were honored to help Vi. We hope that this will inspire others to do the same.

Pristine Roofing.

Pristine Results.

Queen Creek is one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona. New homes are being built at an increasing rate.

Arizona Pristine Roofing has extensive knowledge about the weather patterns, monsoons, and summer heat in Arizona. We can give expert recommendations about what kind of materials you need for your new roof. With over 12-years of experience in the roofing industry, you can rest assure you are in good hands.

Every roof has different pros and cons. After your free estimate, we will talk with you about each roofing material. Considering a new roof requires a lot of different elements. It is important that the homeowner is completely informed and involved in every decision in the entire process of the new roof installation. Your roof is probably the single most important feature on your house – we will it to treat it as such.

100% Covered by Insurance

This home was located in Sun Lakes Arizona. Our Insurance Claim Specialists was working a home next door to this man’s home. We stopped by to take a quick look at his home and found enough damage to get his new roof 100% covered by his Insurance.

Learn Why We Install Asphalt Shingle Tiles

America overwhelmingly favors asphalt shingles compared to any other material.

How many times have you watched

A blazing hot summer, or heavy rainstorm come down in a hailstorm from the comfort of your living room, glad you were safely sheltered and dry beneath your homes roof? Every professional roof installation comes with a limited lifetime warranty to protect you and you’re from the scorching hot summer, destroying hail storms and water flooding monsoons.

Our roof is a precious asset that we do not give enough gratitude for. Call 623-257-ROOF (7663) and get a free estimate – and then learn why we are the best choice for your and your home or business.