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Finding a Good Roofer

Starts with Ethical and Honest Business Practices

Being an ethical roofing business means conducting your operations in a responsible and morally upright manner. It goes beyond simply complying with laws of Arizona, building permits and regulations; it involves making conscious decisions that benefit not only your company but your customers, community, society and environment.

As an ethical business, you prioritize transparency and honesty in all your dealings. Learn how to become a successful roofer by paying attention to successful people around you.

Some questions you should ask before hiring a local roofing contractor:

  • How Long Has Roofer Been in Business?
  • Does Roofer Have Insurance and How Much?
  • Is Roofer Licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors?
  • Does Roofing Contractor have an Insurance Claim Specialist on Staff?
  • What are the Different Roofing Product’s that the Roofing Contractor uses?
  • Get Pricing for Roofing Product, Labor and any Potential Additions in Cost

Finalist for BBB Torch Award for Ethics

Below is a List of “We Give Our Word”

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our insurance claim specialists, managers, sales people and roofers are in constant communication with each other – ensuring that everyone is well-informed about the daily work flow and goals of the company.

We Take Responsibility – Doing work on roofs is a big and risky job. We take responsibility for the impact of our actions on your home and environment. This includes cleaning up after the work day, clearing nails from the area, reducing waste, conserving shingles, tile and underlayment, and promoting sustainable practices.

We Treat Our Employees with Respect – As a roofing contractor, it is crucial to treat our roofers with the upmost respect. This is crucial for an ethical roofing business. We provide a safe and inclusive work environment, fair wages, equal opportunities, and promote work-life balance.

Healthy Work Environment = Healthy Home – In addition, as an ethical local roofing company, we prioritize the well-being of our employees by providing high-quality roofing material so that work can be done efficiently – this also ensures their safety and happiness. By taking responsibility for all we do and treating employees with respect; we promote a healthy work environment which means a health home that employees and their families can enjoy.

Community Outreach – Owners Chris & Jaz Muzio believe in doing all they can to contribute to a better community. In fact, they recently donated a roof to an elderly citizen in need. These are the type of things we are able to do when you become a customer of Arizona Pristine Roofing.

By following the pledges above, we ensure that customers, employees are happy and healthy and that we do community outreach on a regular basis. Our insurance claim specialists and roofers have built trust and loyalty among Arizona residents by committing to honesty and ethical practices. By doing so, we have set ourselves apart, by attracting like-minded customers and employees who share our values.

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