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GAF is the Largest Producer of Commercial and Residential roofing

GAF, the General Aniline and Film Corporation, and also known as GI Holdings, is a company that manufactures roofing and building materials. GAF is continually on the cutting edge of new products and designs in the roofing industry. GAF continues to be a leader in the industry — not only sales — by making better roofing components for better roofing contractors. If you want to secure your home with top-quality materials, be on the cutting edge of innovation in the roofing business, and get everything you need from a single company, GAF is your best bet.

Founded in 1886 in New Jersey, GAF is one of the oldest names in the roofing business. GAF Corporation started out as the Standard Paint Company. After going public in 1965, GAF acquired Ruberoid Company, a roofing materials manufacturer, which then became a subsidiary known as GAF Materials Corporation.

In the mid-1980s, the company capitalized on a real estate boom, which required building products in which GAF specialized. GAF has historically been focused mainly on the manufacture of roof materials for both residential and commercial applications.

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GAF Materials Corporation claims to be the largest producer of residential and commercial roofing products in North America. Just this year, expect GAF to be an even bigger player in the commercial roofing space with new operations, and possibly a few acquisitions.

Roofing Supplies That Are Easy to Install and Cost-Competitive

The only major acquisition of General Anilines brilliant chemical engineering tenure was its 1967 purchase of Ruberoid Corporation, which added roofing and related products to the firm’s product lines. Much of the company’s profitability was the result of the chemical unit, which made steady advances in producing and selling acetylene derivatives, surfactants (cleaners), engineered thermoplastics, and mineral pellets used in roofing shingles.

GAF Materials Corporation offers a few different lines of roofs, including its Lifetime Roof System, offering the option of choosing from Timberline (the most popular), Specialty, or Designer Shingles.

GAF is committed to advancing the roof industry, we are heavily invested in emerging concepts, such as new-generation solar products, that work well yet are light, easy to install, and cost-competitive. GAF products include an exhaustive line of residential steep-slope and commercial roofing systems, supported by a vast nationwide network of factory-certified contractors.


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