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IKO Shingle Manufacturer – Family Owned. Globally Focused.

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Founded in 1951

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IKO’s worldwide operations ensure that homeowners will find the perfect roofscape. Our plants work together to ensure the consistency of their technologies to consistently deliver high quality products, no matter where they are made, plant to plant, even batch to batch. Strict quality control is carefully monitored and applied at every facility.

The latest manufacturing plants opened in Hillsboro, Texas, and Hagerstown, Maryland. In all its factories, IKO implements a continuous improvement program that includes equipment upgrades, system and process improvements to maximize efficiency and productivity, reduce waste, and improve productivity and safety.

Today, more than 60 years after its founding, IKO has become one of the world’s largest exporters of shingles. IKO is now a global enterprise with over 3,500 employees and over 25 manufacturing sites in Canada, USA, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Slovakia. The company supplies roofing products to 96 countries around the world.

Residential Roofing

For superior weather protection, IKO manufactures bituminous shingles with some of the heaviest fiberglass mats in both North America and Europe. Regardless of home style or personal taste, homeowners will find the perfect profile and color combination, as well as the right accessories to create a stunning roof.

IKO’s factories in North America produce shingles in three classes: traditional three-layer, architectural laminate, and premium design. IKO also manufactures a full line of high-quality ancillary products including ice and water protection, underlays, start bars, side, and ridge plates, and polyisocyanurate (ISO) rigid insulation boards.

In Europe, IKO factories produce the same three classes of shingles as in North America, although there are some stylistic differences between them. IKO Europe also produces bituminous shingles of the fourth class, called “shield”. Shield shingles are self-adhesive shingles designed for maximum wind resistance.

Commercial Roofing

IKO manufactures laminated roofs and fittings, building envelopes, and waterproofing and insulation products for the commercial and industrial markets in North America and Europe.

In North America, IKO specializes in commercial roofing systems, from mechanical fastening to heat-sealable (APP and SBS), cold-applied membranes and prefabricated roofs (BUR). They also manufacture a full line of building envelope products: thermal insulation, air and vapor barriers, roofs and shingles, adhesives, primers, and other components.

In Europe, individual IKO plants are market leaders, specializing in the production of bituminous and synthetic roofing membranes, liquid waterproofing, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards and other flat roof products for the commercial and industrial markets.

The Future of IKO

For infrastructure and civil engineering projects, IKO produces waterproofing systems for balconies, terraces, tunnels, roofs and roof elements, car parks, flood protection, car parks, road and bridge construction and paving. Product systems include hot melt bitumen, bituminous mastic, polyurethane and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) coatings.

IKO is one of the leading manufacturers of vertical integration in its industry, producing almost all the main components that make up shingles and related roofing materials. IKO’s self-sufficiency in sourcing most of its materials means it can control quality in a way that few competitors can. The Clarksville, Tennessee plant produces wet-cut fiberglass filaments that another plant in Danville, Illinois uses to produce some of the heaviest fiberglass mats in the industry.

The IKO-owned facility in Barry, Ontario extrudes and prints plastic wraps that protect each factory’s finished shingles during transit. IKO also oxidizes its own asphalt under the influence of atmospheric factors; IKO plants store about 200,000 tons of bitumen flow. IKO mines and crushes its own limestone, paints the granules, and produces the interior at various locations throughout North America. At IKO, our corporate philosophy, vision and values are universal and shared by all members of our global family.


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