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Owens Corning – Over 40 Years of Roofing Excellence

Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation formally came into being in 1938, when Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Toledo and the Corning Glass Works of New York combined their efforts to explore and develop fiberglass – what formed was the Owens Corning Fiberglass Corporation.

In 1996, Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation changed its’ name to Owens Corning to reflect its impact on industries outside fiberglass, including cement and other construction materials.

What makes Owens Corning a leader in the roofing and construction industry is the fact that our products are tested most rigorously by internationally recognized science experts. Owens Corning can embed its’ glass fiber reinforcement technology, along with technical support, making our end-use applications stronger, lighter, and longer lasting – with brilliant customer service to boot.

In the Kansas City metro area, Owens Corning buys recycled glass from local sources, Ripple Glass, for the production of fiber insulation at their own local production facilities. Owens Corning also produces other construction materials systems and composite solutions, including roofing, stonework, and glass composite materials used in transportation, electronics, telecom, and other high-performance applications.

  • Roofing Material like Shingles and Underlayment
  • Stone Work Veneer Products and Faux Composites
  • Glass Composites used in transportation, electronics, telecom, and other high-performance applications
  • Eco-friendly and produced to save energy for homeowners and building owners

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A $6 Billion Dollar Business

Today, Owens Corning is a $2.6 billion business with 16,500 employees worldwide: the global leader in residential, commercial, and industrial building materials, ranging from insulation, roofing, and manufactured stone cladding.

Owens Corning is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, a company specializing and considered to be the leader in the fields of roofing, insulation, and fiberglass composites, as well as being a top employer in Licking County, having been here 80 years.

Leveraging the talents of 19,000 employees across 33 countries, Owens Corning delivers innovative products and sustainable solutions addressing energy efficiency, product safety, renewable energy, long-lasting infrastructure, and workforce productivity. Owens Corning’s global teams continue to execute at high levels while making strategic investments to grow our total addressable markets and strengthen our leading market positions.


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